A Guide To Choosing The Best Jura Coffee Machine

February 03 2022 – Josh Genuth

Getting a Jura coffee machine may completely transform your coffee drinking experience. There are various Jura coffee machines on the market, all with a host of different features, and deciding which is ideal for you might be a perplexing task. You need not worry; we've compiled a list of variables to consider when selecting the best Jura coffee machine. Read on to learn more!

Type and Design

You are probably aware that there are several distinct varieties of Jura coffee machines. There are mainly two types of automatic systems, automatic and super-automatic. Even though there is no significant gap in quality, an automated machine tends to be slower than a super-automatic coffee machine. Jura coffee machines also come in a variety of styles. Some, such as the Jura D6, take up a lot more table real estate, others like the Jura ENA 1, are ideal for small kitchenettes.

Grinding and Brewing Capabilities

What’s important to know is that any Jura coffee machine can effortlessly grind beans while maintaining the scent, but it's the grinder type that differs. For example, the Jura Z6, with an Aroma G3 grinder, is preferable to the Jura ENA 1, with a conical burr grinder, since the former performs better.

Brewing parameters are also crucial, since they dictate what you can prepare. For instance, a machine like the Jura Z8, can prepare up to 21 coffee drinks. Temperature levels also play a role in brewing conditions, as shown in the Jura Z6 and E8. Brew strength selections and brew volumes are two other brewing factors to consider.

Bean Hopper and Water Tank Settings

Next, you can't purchase a coffee machine without looking into the bean hopper or water tank capacity. The capacity regulates how much coffee can be made before the tank has to be refilled. Premium machines, like the Jura WE8 and Giga 5, are known to feature larger bean hoppers and water tanks.

Specifically, the Jura WE8 includes a container with a water capacity of 101 Oz, a bean tank that can hold up to 17.6 Oz of coffee beans, and a coffee grounds compartment with a share of 25 portions, that adds up to approximately 30 specialty coffees. Making it the perfect coffee machine for the daily grind. Pun intended!

Cleaning, Durability, and Warranty

When it comes to cleaning, top models like the Jura S8 and E8 have automatic cleaning features, while the more entry-level devices like the Jura ENA 1 requires cleaning to be done manually. While it’s worth noting that automatic cleaning systems are not completely hands-free, they are more convenient.

The craftsmanship of Jura coffee machines is undeniable but not all models are created equal, and there’s no such thing as a cheap model, so you obviously want yours to last. All Jura models claim to be durable, but there’s no guarantee, so you’ll have to count on the warranty that comes with your purchase. Some models, like the Jura S8 and E8, have a two-year warranty, while others, like the Jura WE8 and ENA 1, come with a single year.

Make a careful assessment using the guidelines provided above to choose the best machine for your coffee brewing needs.