Can A Coffee Maker Be Repaired?

June 07 2022 – Alex Melen

Like all electrical appliances, the coffee maker is subject to wear and tear. But the worst time to find a broken coffee machine is when you wake up in the morning. Fortunately, you can grab a coffee bag while trying to figure out if you can repair a coffee maker. Repairs for coffee makers are pretty straightforward and require only basic tools. So before you decide it’s time to replace it, read on to find out the common types of damage in coffee makers and how to test and repair them.

Common Damages in Coffee Makers

A drip coffee maker works differently from a percolating coffee maker. One makes coffee by dripping hot water through the coffee grounds. The other relies on steam to percolate water through the coffee basket a few times. Even then, they often break down due to these common damages.

  • Damage to the thermostat or heating elements
  • Damage to the warming elements
  • Damage to the on/off switch

Test the various parts to isolate the problem when the coffee maker does not work. Some components are easily replaced, and some might have to seek professional help.

Testing the On/Off Switch

This is the control of the pumping and heating elements in the coffee maker. Using a test probe makes it easy to determine if it is a problem. It is vital to make sure the coffee maker is not connected to electricity when doing the test. To test, simply remove the bottom of the shell of the coffee maker and place the test probes on the terminals. Activate the switch and view the reading.

Test and Repair the Thermostat and Heating Elements

The thermostat controls electricity that operates the heating elements in a drip coffee maker. To test if it is working, remove the base and place the probe of a multitester or continuity tester at each end. If it is defective, remove and replace it with a new one of the same rating. However, for some percolator coffee makers, you might need to desolder them to replace them. In this case, consider hiring a professional to repair it or replace the entire coffee maker. However, if it does not need any unriveting, you can easily replace the thermostat.

Also, check the heating element of the coffee maker with the multitester. The heating element can be accessed through the base as well. If no electricity passes through the tester, you can replace the entire heating element. Use some masking tape to help you mark the position of all components and wires you loosen. This way, you can reconnect them easily after replacement.

Test and Repair Warming Elements

The warming element is the part that keeps coffee warm. It is usually the first part to be damaged due to long hours of use. It is also exposed to spillage of water or coffee, which may leak into the electrical components, causing it to short out. Once you disconnect it from the base and test it with the multitester, you can easily replace it if it is defective.