Coffee Brew Bag: How Long Does It Last?

September 20 2022 – Alex Melen

Coffee Brew Bag: How Long Does It Last?
Coffee Brew Bag: How Long Does It Last?

There’s nothing much worse than getting yourself ready for the day with a cup of coffee, only to find out that the coffee is off upon your first sip. Because of this, you find yourself needing another cup of coffee without replacement! Here’s a comprehensive guide on the lifespan of the coffee brew bag to avoid a disappointing cup of coffee.

How Long Does Coffee Beans Last in a Vacuum-sealed Brew Bag?

The freshness of vacuum-sealed coffee is largely conditional on a few factors such as the shelf-life, the coffee grounds or beans and also the coffee quality. Generally, vacuum-sealed coffee beans have roughly about six months of shelf life. Beyond this, the flavor of the coffee can start to see noticeable effects. In fact, the taste of coffee beans will start to deteriorate even only after two weeks. Though it’ll still be safe to consume for a maximum of six to nine months after its shelf life, of course the sooner you use them, the better tasting they’ll be!

On the other hand, coffee ground tends to begin losing their flavor a lot sooner than coffee beans because of their larger surface area. As matter of fact, the oxidation process will start almost immediately after it has been ground. As such, vacuum-sealed coffee ground cannot last more than three to five months after its stated shelf life.

How Long Do Roasted Coffee Beans Last in a Vacuum-sealed Brew Bag?

Vacuum-sealed roasted coffee beans can generally be kept for six to nine months after their stated shelf life. Once opened, the coffee beans have to be used within half a year before it turns bad. However, there’re some ways to extend the coffee bean’s lifespan so you don’t have to put any of it to waste.

If you have an open bag of roasted coffee beans, do store them in an airtight container. This preserves the flavor of the coffee by preventing air from reaching the beans. Or if you want the preserve the lifespan of your coffee beans even longer, you can freeze them instead. With this, the speed of the oxidation process is reduced to the very minimum. Your coffee beans will last two years after opening and can even last three years by placing them in a vacuum seal.

However, storing beans for such an extended period can increase the likelihood of mold growth should any moisture manage to creep into the coffee beans. To minimize the risk, store them in a sealable food bag or an airtight container.

How Long Do Coffee Bags Last?

Essentially, coffee bags have a similar life span as coffee grounds. To preserve them, place them in an airtight container or in a sealable food bag as well. If you spot any signs of mold growth, don’t consume them and discard them immediately.

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