Five Fascinating Facts About Coffee Beans

September 20 2022 – Alex Melen

Five Fascinating Facts About Coffee Beans
Five Fascinating Facts About Coffee Beans

Coffee has been around for several thousands of years and it is easily one of the, if not the most popular beverage in the world. In fact, coffee is a commodity that’s as valuable as petroleum! So, do you think you know all the facts about coffee and coffee beans? Here are some of the most fascinating facts about coffee beans.

Different Types of Coffee Bean

Coffee beans are generally split into two main categories  – the Robusta and the Arabica. The Robusta is a sturdy plant that contains twice as much caffeine as that of the Arabica.

Different Varieties of Coffee Beans

Coffee beans can be broadly categorized into two varieties – red and green. The former typically is less acidic and has a stronger pleasant aroma than the latter. Red beans are usually utilized for brewing lighter coffees. 

The majority of these coffee beans are handpicked by skilled laborers and are separated by their colors. The beans then get soaked before workers scour the fruit to remove the fruit from the bean. The beans have to be cleaned under water to remove any remaining flesh, before drying out in the sun.

Various Methods of Brewing

When it comes to brewing coffee beans, there are four main methods which include gravity, boiling steeping and pressure. With the pressure method, hot water is forced through the coffee grounds using extremely high pressure to brew the coffee. For the gravity method, water is dripped onto the coffee ground through a layer of filter. The boiling method requires hot water to run through the coffee grounds before getting filtered to remove any grounds. Steeping is another method of making coffee, similar to that of tea bags.

Coffee Beans Come from the Coffee Berry

Coffee berries are not treasured for their fruit, but rather for the bean inside which is also the seed. The fruit is usually discarded and their seeds are collected for grounding, roasting and brewing to make the popular drink, loved by millions worldwide.

They Are Not Naturally Brown

Coffee beans aren’t naturally the dark brown color that we’re used to seeing in our coffees. The brown color is achieved once the beans are roasted at 400F and the beans will also double their initial sizes.

There are various ways of roasting coffee. The methods used vary with the country they are roasted in, creating several interesting and unique flavors. Once the beans are roasted, they’re then ground within weeks. Even for grinding, there are various methods that can produce very different results, including blade grinders, burr grinders or even using a pestle and mortar.

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