How Do You Make Coffee Without A Coffee Machine?

May 03 2022 – Alex Melen

Lack a coffee machine at home but still want to enjoy a delicious cup of freshly-brewed coffee? Here are some ways to make coffee without a coffee machine at home.

Turkish Style Coffee

Turkish coffees are legendary—evoking the piquant, history-laden streets of Old Istanbul. While this method isn’t quite the same as what the old masters use, it produces a thick and foamy brew that can satisfy the craving in a pinch.

Step 1: Prepare about 6 ounces of cold water for each cup. Turkish coffee doesn’t require a lot of extra water as the grounds are poured with the coffee.

Step 2: Heat the water to low heat before adding 2 teaspoons of coffee grounds for each cup. If you like sugar in your coffee, add it during this step.

Step 3: When the coffee is almost at a boil, remove the pot from the stove, skim the foam off the top and pour it into your coffee cups. Bring the pot back to low heat.

Step 4: When the coffee is almost at a boil again, pour half of it into the cups and place it back on the stove

Step 5: Cook for 30 seconds and pour the rest of the coffee into the cups. Since the grounds will wind up in the cups, allow them to settle for a few minutes before taking a sip.

Cold Brew Coffee

Be aware that this isn’t an instant process! You’ll have to prepare it 12-24 hours in advance.

Step 1: Mix 2 ounces of coarse-grind coffee with 2 ounces of cold or room-temperature water. Steep this mixture overnight in a tightly-clamped mason jar. If you want a smoother brew, you can let the mixture steep for 20-24 hours.

Step 2: Strain the coffee through a cheesecloth-lined strainer—but slowly! If you squeeze the coffee to make it drip faster, it will make your final product more bitter. Be patient and take your time.

Step 3: Dilute the cold-brewed concentrate. You can choose to serve it over ice, or store it in the refrigerator. You can keep it for one to two weeks before it loses its flavor.

Filtered Coffee

For the classic-lovers. While Amalie Auguste Melitta Bentz eventually refined the paper filter, she started with paper ripped from her son’s notebook. Talk about inventive! Here’s how you can make filtered coffee at home.

Step 1: Start with a paper filter. If you don’t have one, you can use anything made out of a fine mesh that can withstand the temperature of boiling water and the weight of water that will be poured into it. Some things you can use are a cheesecloth, a thick paper towel, or even a handkerchief made out of cloth.

Step 2: Fold your filter into the shape of a square and ensure this can fit over your coffee cup while leaving a couple of inches to hang over the edge. Use clips or elastics to secure the filter to the top of the cup.

Step 3: If you have a coffee grinder, grind 5 teaspoons of medium-fine coffee. Place the coffee into the filter and distribute it evenly.

Step 4: Boil about 2-3 cups of water and let rest for 20 seconds.

Step 5: Get the grounds wet with a bit of water, and then wait for 30-45 seconds. Now will be the blooming process—when the coffee releases carbon dioxide.

Step 6: Once that is done, slowly pour the water into the filter. Your coffee is now ready!