How To Brew The Perfect Cup Of Pour Over Coffee

December 15 2021 – Alex Melen

With so many different methods for making coffee today, you may be at a loss as to which way is best suited for your needs. Why not try pour over coffee, which simply means pouring water over the grounds to extract the coffee’s flavor? In this article, we share with you some top tips for brewing the perfect cup of pour over coffee.

Understanding Pour Over Coffee

All you need to create a cup of pour over coffee is a filter, a filter holder, and some ground coffee. Unlike other methods of brewing coffee, pouring over is different because it continually replenishes the coffee grounds with fresh water, promoting a more efficient brew. It also comes with the benefit of extracting flavor from the surface layers of the grounds.

The Process of Preparing a Cup of Pour Over Coffee

There are three steps involved in brewing a cup of coffee: wetting, dissolution, and diffusion. Below is a step-by-step guide on how each step will go:

  • Wetting

Exactly what it sounds like, you have to wet your coffee grounds before you can prepare a cup of coffee. As carbon dioxide is one of the by-products of roasting coffee, you have to ensure that water is able to get in at the same time, which is not always an easy feat. To do this efficiently, we suggest adding just enough water to cover all your grounds and letting the gas escape for about half a minute. You will see the water “bubbling” when this happens.

  • Dissolution

Once you have fully wet the coffee grounds, it’s time to dissolve them in the water. To get the perfect cup of coffee, you will need to stop the brewing process at just the right moment. Keep in mind that only a third of the mass of coffee beans is dissoluble in water – but because we are dealing with coffee grounds, you may not always get uniform grind sizes.

  • Diffusion

When it comes to diffusion, the process we are concerned with here is osmosis. This involves taking the dissolved coffee grounds out, driving the flavor out of them and into the hot water.

The key to making the perfect cup of pour over coffee is getting the grind time, water-to-coffee ratio, and brew time just right. Different individuals may have varying preferences, and with trial and error over time, you will be able to discover just what works for you.

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