Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Old Coffee Machine

December 08 2021 – Alex Melen

We all know someone who can’t get by without their daily cup of coffee, and that someone may just be yourself. When your old coffee machine is showing signs of breaking down, it may be time to get a new one. In this article, you can find out some signs to watch out for that it’s time to replace your old coffee machine.

You Can’t Find Pods that Fit

Some of us prefer using coffee beans for that perfect brew, whereas others may be content with pods. You may even mix it up and use a combination of both. One sure sign that your coffee machine is on its way out is when you can no longer find pods that fit. This can be a disaster if you rely on them to get your morning fix – it may be time to upgrade to a newer and more modern version.

Your Coffee Machine Is Not Energy-Efficient

Sure, your coffee machine may still be able to make you that brew, but how energy-efficient is it? You may find that with the auto-off feature on a newer model, the investment quickly pays off for itself in terms of reduced energy bills. Some models can even make gourmet blends or tea, ensuring that you get more for your money.

Your Coffee Machine No Longer Serves Your Needs

Whether you are looking to replace a coffee machine at home or work, one sure sign that you should get a new one is when it no longer serves your needs. If employees are queueing up to use that one slow coffee machine during break times, getting a smarter model can benefit you greatly. Or if you frequently have friends and family over but they have to wait to get their drink, you may want to consider upgrading as well.

Water Does Not Heat Up Sufficiently

There’s nothing worse than a cup of coffee that’s perfect in every way but served at the wrong temperature. That can happen when your old coffee machine does not heat up water sufficiently. With the ideal temperature for a perfect brew being between 197 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit, an updated model can easily hit this figure, whereas older versions may not even come close. Heating elements in coffee machines wear out over time, and it can be more economical to get a new machine rather than replacing the element.

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