The Benefits Of Bodum Over Chemex

September 20 2022 – Alex Melen

The Benefits Of Bodum Over Chemex
The Benefits Of Bodum Over Chemex

Are you thinking of buying a Chemex or a Bodum pour-over coffee maker? These brewers can look vastly alike at first glance due to their similar glass carafe features, but using them to brew coffee can produce contrasting results! If you’re unsure which is best for you, don’t fret. Here’s our comprehensive guide on the differences between a Bodum and a Chemex!

Modern Aesthetics

Although the Bodum and Chemex brewers are very similar in shapes, they actually have one obvious difference in the design element; Bodum has a silicone sleeve around the neck of the glass carafe that comes in a variety of colors while Chemex only uses a thin wood piece that’s attached around the neck with a leather string. And unlike Bodum, Chemex doesn’t have a variety of colors available.

Chemex has a more traditional look with its natural wood color while Bodum is largely inspired by the modern appeal of having numerous colors that attract those who like decorating their items.

Thicker Glass

The glass thickness is an essential element of the brewer that determines the product's durability and how long it can sustain the temperature of the coffee. Both Chemex and Bodum are made with handblown glass but Bodum has a slightly thicker glass than Chemex. This means it’s more durable and can keep your coffee warmer for longer. However, Chemex also has a thinner version which is more economical and only half the price. Just be sure to drink your coffee quickly!


With Bodum, the permanent mesh filter can last the lifetime of the product as long as it’s cleaned and maintained properly after use. In contrast, Chemex doesn’t use a permanent filer but specific Chemex filters that come in boxes of 100. While Bodum is initially more expensive than Chemex, do note that it can also get very pricey in the long run having to constantly purchase Chemex filters to brew your coffee daily.

Quality of Coffee

Both pour-over brewers can result in a cup of tasty, complex coffee, but the overall mouthfeel and texture can be very different! The permanent metal filter in Bodum allows sediment and oil to come through, producing a richer, more aromatic coffee. Chemex utilizes thicker paper filters that can strain out the fine coffee grounds and natural oils, resulting in smoother, clearer coffee with a lighter mouthfeel.

Filter Time

Bodum takes a shorter time to brew, about 3 minutes compared to 5 minutes in Chemex. The shorter time produces a less intense and dark cup of coffee which could be ideal for some people or for those that want to save time in their morning routine.

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