The Benefits Of Owning A Pour Over Coffee Maker

June 07 2022 – Alex Melen

Coffee Maker
Coffee Maker

Coffee is not just about drinking the cup in hand to some coffee lovers. It is also about brewing the coffee to extract the most nuanced flavors it can give. If you would like a hand in creating your cup of coffee, a pour over coffee maker might be your choice device. You can brew coffee in a pour over coffee maker by pouring hot water into a funnel through freshly ground coffee and a filter. Coffee then drips into a carafe or mug below it. Such a method of brewing coffee is superior to drip machines because it gives you complete control over the coffee brewing process. Especially if you like a variety of coffee, this control lets you adjust brewing according to the characteristics of each coffee, so you get the most flavor out of your coffee grinds. If you are thinking about Pour over coffee makers, here are some benefits of owning one.

It Extracts the Flavors of Your Coffee

With a pour over coffee maker, you can adapt the brewing process to the coffee bean origins and roast level. By adjusting the size of the grind, water temperature, and pace of brewing, you can bring out the various flavor profiles and subtle notes in the coffee. Resulting in a more complex and satisfying taste. Take, for example, coffee beans which have citrus and fruity overtones. These nuances may be masked or changed when using a French press. A pour over coffee maker would retain those distinct tastes when a careful pour over is done.

It Gives you Consistency and Control

The Pour over method is very hands-on and requires your precision and control in the brewing process. The benefit of total control is that you can consistently brew yourself a great cup of coffee. You can even customize your brew by playing with the factors like grind size, water temperature, flow rate, capacity, immersion, etc. It does take some patience and skill, so if you are thinking of picking up a new craft, this is one skill that rewards you each time you practice it.

It is Fairly Affordable

The cost of Pour over coffee makers alone is inexpensive; even after adding the cost of the additional accessories, it is still a relatively affordable choice. In addition to the coffee maker, you will need a gooseneck kettle. Choose one that allows for a regulated pour and even flow rate; make sure it comes with a handle that makes it easy to grip. You would also need filters and a coffee grinder so that you can ground coffee beans for better extraction of flavors. Don’t forget to add that digital scale to accurately measure the coffee you need.

It is Good for Small Batches

Pour over coffee makers are ideal for making specialty coffees for one or two people. This way, you won’t have to waste an entire pot. You can even accommodate different coffee preferences when you have guests.

Although Pour over coffees requires more patience and effort, it is excellent for those interested in manual brewing and who want to learn more about the coffee-making process. For seasoned manual brewers, it’s a perfect choice for you to explore different beans, origins, and roasts.