Three Things To Consider When Purchasing Capresso Coffee Makers

September 20 2022 – Alex Melen

Three Things To Consider When Purchasing Capresso Coffee Makers
Three Things To Consider When Purchasing Capresso Coffee Makers

For more than 20 years, Capresso has been a leading provider of premium coffee equipment all over the world. From its first pioneering programmable coffee maker, a stainless-steel vacuum carafe to the conical burr grinder combo, the brand has revolutionized the coffee making industry with its constant innovation. Are you thinking of getting one for yourself? Here are some of the things to consider when buying Capresso coffee makers.

Thermal or Glass Carafe

There are two main designs when it comes to the drip brewer line up – either the thermal or glass carafe model. So, what are their differences? Which should you go with?

The most obvious between the two is the price point. Thermal carafes typically see a $10 to $50 jump in price compared to the glass carafe model, even though the other parts of the machine are completely identical. Some may wonder if it’s worth forking out the steeper price, and most of the time the answer is yes. 

Thermal carafes can maintain the temperature of your coffee for a longer time by preventing the heat produced during brewing from escaping. In comparison with glass carafes, the coffee is kept hot using a hotplate which continues the heating process of your coffee as it cools simultaneously. This can result in a burnt taste in your coffee if you leave it for longer than 15 minutes.

Also, thermal carafes have higher durability, meaning you don’t have to keep replacing them! However, glass carafes could be useful in certain situations like being able to see through them or if you need something lighter.

In-built Grinder

For Capresso branded coffee makers, only the CoffeeTEAM models are fitted with the in-built grinders. This means you can have fresh coffee beans without needing to do much extra work or buy extra kits to make coffee. This functionality however has lesser grind settings compared to a separate grinder and also doesn’t provide as many grinds as in other brewing methods. Albeit, if the drip brewer is your sole coffee brewer, the built-in grinder would be a useful feature.

Brew Capacity

Another important factor to consider when purchasing a coffee maker is how much coffee it can make. For Capresso’s line, they are mostly 10-cup brewer but some can go up to 12 cups too. If you only need to brew for one, the personal or 5 cup models would be ideal. If you have a household with a few moderate and heavy coffee drinkers, you should consider getting the 10-cup brewer instead. But if you have a household filled with heavy and morning coffee drinkers, the 12-cup brewers might not be the best choice since they’re only available with glass carafes.

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