Top Advantages Of Coffee Bags Over Instant Coffee

May 03 2022 – Alex Melen

Delicious and convenient, coffee bags are a step up from instant coffee. They’ve taken the world by storm and continue to be a beloved choice for coffee lovers. Why not find out why? Here are some advantages of coffee bags over instant coffee.

What’s a Coffee Bag? What’s in Instant Coffee?

Before we delve into the debate, though, let’s understand what a coffee bag is. Each coffee bag contains both roasted and ground coffee, wrapped in a heat-sealed material such as a paper or cornstarch-based product. For those of us who want a close taste of the real stuff without having to fiddle around with more complicated brewing materials, coffee bags are an excellent option.

Instant coffee, meanwhile, is either sprayed or frozen dry. It’s always been something of a controversial choice among coffee lovers, with many thinking it weaker than its counterparts. What mostly attracts people to instant coffee is that it’s everywhere, and it’s what we’re used to. Instant coffee is convenient: simple to make and to clean up afterward. But coffee bags can provide that same convenience, with a heightened taste experience.

Better Taste

There’s no denying it—coffee bags just pack a richer taste in their compact size compared to instant coffee. While instant coffee is a staple in pantries and kitchens worldwide, it just doesn’t have that potent taste we want from a cup of coffee. While coffee bags don’t taste exactly like freshly-brewed coffee either, since they are pre-packed to ensure that they do not get damaged by the elements, they have a significantly stronger taste. If you’re looking for something with the same convenience as instant coffee, but with more depth in terms of taste, you’ll want to try a coffee bag. Coffee bags are made with natural coffee, which naturally tastes much better than dried instant coffee.

Better Storage

If your instant coffee is of the can variety, you might have noticed that the coffee at the bottom of the can or jar turns sticky over time. The clumped-together granules are a result of the moisture in the oxygen that gets trapped in your jar or can. The resultant molasses-like mix is difficult to dislodge, and hard to clean if kept in a recycled jar.

Coffee bags remove this problem. Each bag is individually packed and is as easy to use as teabags. All you need is a cup of hot water—you dip the bag, have your drink, and go. The process is fuss-free—there’s no mess, no having to spend time scrubbing out your jar, no wasted coffee. Everything you need is in that little bag.

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