What Makes Iced Coffee So Refreshing

June 07 2022 – Alex Melen

What makes ice coffee so refreshing
What makes ice coffee so refreshing

Coffee has been drunk hot since the 15th century, with the iced coffee we know today being a more modern phenomenon. Most baby boomers stick to drinking their coffee hot. At the same time, younger generations prefer iced coffee and the wide variety it brings along with it. Coffee chains are reporting increases in their sales of cold coffee. Whether hot or cold, there is no doubt that coffee is the world’s most popular drink. But what makes iced coffee so refreshingly the most popular choice?

Iced Coffee to Beat the Heat

Nothing beats the invigorating boost of iced coffee on a sweltering day. Cooling our bodies with the ice and energizing our minds with caffeine. Take it from the French army in 1840. During the Battle of Mazagran, soldiers added ice to their coffee to combat the heat. They were also served coffee syrup with ice in the Algeria region. Upon their return to Paris, the soldiers gave this idea to cafe owners and suggested serving coffee with ice in a tall glass. Today, ice coffee can be made with filtered coffee, coffee syrup, and espresso in many ways.

Iced Coffee is Easy to Make

All it takes to make iced coffee is coffee, milk (depending on preferences), and ice cubes! You can enjoy convenience from the coffee shop; with coffee tools widely available, it is easy even to brew a good cup of coffee at home. Some coffee lovers prefer manual brewing methods, such as using a siphon brewer or French press to have better control over the quality of coffee. While some others prefer the convenience of pushing buttons for their daily cup of coffee. Enjoy it anyway, your way.

Iced Coffee is Easy on the Tongue

Hot coffee smells heavenly, but you burn your tongue when you follow that impulse to taste it! With ice coffee, you can savor the drink immediately. Satisfaction! And even when you don’t drink it immediately, it would still remain as tasty as when it was first served. However, hot coffee has a totally different taste when it turns cold.

Ice Coffee is Easy on the Stomach

Iced coffee, particularly cold-brewed coffee, is less acidic than hot coffee. The acidity in coffee causes that familiar bitter taste in hot coffee. It is enhanced when brewed with heat. On the other hand, Cold-brew uses water at room temperature to brew coffee. The water is left to seep through the coffee grounds, taking anywhere from 12 to 24 hours to complete. So you get the richness in the flavor and caffeine without the bitterness from the coffee.

Endless Ways to Enjoy Iced Coffee

There is an iced coffee to satisfy all your gustatory desires. Pick your favorite blend in a coffee bag and have a refreshing classic coffee over ice. Want a little more? Blend your coffee with more ice in a Frappe or mix it up in a Frappuccino, choosing from various flavors like vanilla, strawberry, salted caramel, or even Oreo. Your choices don’t just stop there; you can even go for something radical like yogurt iced coffee or a perhaps sweet intoxicating coffee liqueur on ice.