What's So Special About Fresh Roasted Coffee?

February 03 2022 – Josh Genuth

Never compromise when it comes to your morning cup of coffee. Imagine pulling your tired body out of bed just to sip on a poor-tasting cup of coffee, that is a result of coarsely ground beans from yet another food conglomerate. That flavorless, black powder is made from roasting crushed beans that are months, if not years old. Sounds like a bad way to start the day, doesn’t it?  A good cup of morning joe makes for a great start to the day, and coffee tastes a lot better when it's freshly roasted and brewed. If you've ever tried fresh roasted coffee, you will realize how much it outperforms commercial brands in terms of aroma, richness, and flavor profile.


The art of roasting great coffee requires talent and devotion. Great roasters concentrate on the quality of every pack manufactured. Try your hand at home roasting and you will realize how rigorous and time-consuming the procedure is, but if you're keen to give it try, an inexpensive way to acquire fresh beans is to roast them in an oven. However, for convenience and uniformity, it's advisable that you use a coffee roaster to get the best outcome.

Mood Booster

If you feel the need to perk up your day, give that pint of ice cream a break because nothing beats a great cup of coffee to lift your spirits. Did you know that coffee has the power to improve brain function? Coffee allows your body to release endorphins, which are crucial for enhancing your mood. Let’s not forget that a cup of freshly roasted coffee, first thing in the morning, boosts your productivity for the day. It will also enhance your concentration and creativity levels.

Great Health Benefits

The antioxidants in freshly roasted coffee beans are crucial for good health because they protect cells from being damaged by toxins and inflammation. In reality, coffee has more antioxidant benefits than green tea and cacao, thanks to the amounts produced during the roasting process. Chlorogenic acid, a type of antioxidant, and almost exclusively found in coffee, is great for helping prevent heart diseases. Coffee also has tiny amounts of Vitamin B, magnesium, and potassium, which when consumed over time, can have additional health benefits.

Lovely Aroma and Flavor

Lastly, freshly roasted coffee provides a distinct flavor advantage over coffee that has been processed for over a month, or longer. If you're a coffee fanatic, you will agree that coffee should be a deliberate experience rather than one that is just loaded with sugar and cream.

Roasting brings out both the scent and taste attributes which will remind you of that enticing feeling you get walking past a coffeehouse. Doesn't it tempt you to have a cup as soon as the aroma hits your senses? When you smell and taste coffee in its most original state, without flavor additives, it gives you a sensation of contentment and readies you for the day ahead.

For many coffee lovers, a cuppa is more than a caffeinated morning beverage to get their day going. It’s part of the fabric of their lives. Whether you enjoy a morning cup, a mid-day pick-me-up, or even a late-night belly warmer, don't settle for subpar coffee. With the combination of freshly roasted beans and a great coffee machine, you can easily replicate the feeling of being at your local café.