Gaia Artisanal Coffee Rub & Alonso Olive Oil

The perfect pair for your steaks, stews, and beyond!

Perhaps more famous for its wine than Extra Virgin olive oil, Chile produces some of the finest olive oil in the world. From the Alonso family we bring you the best oil in Chile. Alonso has started to gain world recognition as a premium producer. Winning several awards every year, for all their varieties they have proven to be able to match up with the greatest the Mediterranean has to offer.  All Alonso oil is certified kosher by the OU 

500 ml bottle

CORATINA: Alonso Coratina is a high quality olive oil with green notes and a complex taste. This Italian variety  has an intense and balanced spiciness with notes of freshly cut grass, arugula, envy, and chicory.


KORONEIKI: Alonso Koroneiki is a greek variety , a fruity oil with medium intensity, with leaves of green grass, hints of bannana,  and flowers.


ARBEQUINA: This Arbequina is a delicate/medium olive oil, with fruity notes of cut grass and apples. It is of Spanish origin and is commonly used as a dipping oil, and for other light purposes, such as salads, pasta, or or  drizzled over roasted veggies.

Gaia Artisanal Coffee Rub & Olive Oil Bundle

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