Barista Tips

Baristas usually work in coffee shops. A barista is a person who has extensive knowledge about coffee. This includes knowledge of coffee roasting, coffee blends, froth milk, operating espresso machines, and more. These professionals prepare and serve espresso-based drinks to customers, often with decorations. For example, baristas are skilled in creating “latte art”, where designs and patterns are made by pouring milk foam onto a shot of espresso. Are you interested in becoming a barista? If you’re a new barista or one wanting to hone your craft, continue reading to learn some tips for baristas!

Warm the Cups

If you warm the cup before making a hot espresso drink, it will keep the drink warmer for a longer time and create a more positive drinking experience for you or your customer. To warm the cup, either fill it with hot water or use a steam wand before serving.

Learn to Make Microfoam

Learning how to make microfoam will make it easier to create latte art. The fine bubbles will provide stability to the pattern compared to macrofoam since macrofoam disperses more readily. Microfoam will also create a smoother and more enjoyable mouth feel when drinking. You can create microfoam by using the tip of a steam wand to froth extremely cold milk. Place the tip slightly beneath the milk surface. Afterward, plunge the steam wand into the milk and heat it more.

Use a Professional Grinder

Having finely ground coffee will result in a more flavorful cup of coffee. You can use a professional bean grinder to grind coffee beans into fine particles. Some types of beans, such as darker roasted beans, require a coarser grind. Make sure to use the right setting for the type of coffee you are making.

Learn How to Make Latte Art

Creating latte art is an essential skill for baristas, but it takes time to learn. You should start with simple patterns, such as a heart shape, and work your way up. Even simple decorations can make a cup of coffee look more classy. You can use cold, liquid chocolate sauce to draw clear lines, then shape them with a wooden skewer. Make sure to dissolve larger air bubbles by carefully tapping on them, since it can disrupt your work. You should wipe the wooden skewer after drawing each line for better results. Practice makes perfect!

Organize Your Tools

You can set up a coffee station near your main coffee machine to keep all your tools, such as your pitcher, scales, cups, tamper, grinder, and more. Having your tools nearby will allow you to make coffee more efficiently.

Seal Your Coffee

Coffee is incredibly delicate and should be protected against oxygen since it can remove coffee aroma and flavor. To keep your coffee fresh and delicious, make sure to keep it sealed. You can use a coffee machine with air-tight, aroma preservation qualities to protect your coffee beans from becoming stale and tasteless.

A high-quality cup of coffee requires passion and know-how to create. Even professional baristas constantly hone their craft by learning new recipes, skills, and techniques. If you study these barista tips and tricks, you’ll be able to make your coffee drinks more impressive.