Coffee Buying Guide

For many of us, coffee is a necessity. We need the caffeine to start our day and ensure we have the energy to function throughout the rest of the day. Different types of coffee offer different aromas, flavors, and nuances. Other than the taste and price of coffee, whether the coffee we purchase suits the preparation methods we use is also an important consideration.

Most people tend to stick to the same type of coffee, but it’s always an interesting experience to try something else. You might discover a new favorite. Here’s a simple coffee buying guide to the different types of coffee you can buy!

Varieties of Coffee

There are more than a hundred known species of coffee, but the most common types are arabica and robusta. Arabica coffee has an intense aroma and flavor and tends to be sweeter due to its lower caffeine content. Robusta coffee has a higher concentration of caffeine and tastes bitter.

Degree of Roasting

The drying and roasting process of coffee beans will result in different aromatic profiles. Dark roasting will provide an intense and strong flavor with slight acidity. It’ll contain a smaller amount of caffeine and can be used to prepare bitter espresso. Compared to that, medium roasting will provide a full-bodied taste that is more aromatic and balanced.

Caffeine Content

Different types of coffee have different concentrations of caffeine. Overconsumption of caffeine can disrupt your rest and give you headaches and jitters. Make sure to consider your caffeine threshold before buying coffee and switch to decaffeinated coffee in the evenings.

Types of Coffee You Can Buy

You can buy four different types of coffee online and in stores: whole coffee beans, ground coffee, instant coffee, and decaffeinated coffee. Whole coffee beans provide a more intense aroma and flavor, but they have to be ground using a coffee bean grinder. Ground coffee beans are sold in airtight packages to protect their aroma. They are usually used with coffee machines or coffee makers to make coffee. Instant coffee is made by dehydrating coffee through evaporation. Instant coffee is convenient and does not require a coffee machine or maker. Simply add water or milk and it’ll be ready for drinking. Decaffeinated coffee is similar to normal coffee in terms of aroma and flavor except that it has no caffeine.

Best Type of Coffee to Buy

There are a few ways to brew coffee. You can use a coffee maker to brew coffee using pressure or brew via steeping the coffee. Brewing via filtration or dripping is also very popular. If you have the right tools to prepare whole coffee beans, choosing whole coffee beans will be the best since they will have a deeper aroma and fresher flavor. However, if you do not have the right equipment, go for ground coffee.

With this coffee guide, you should be able to choose the type of coffee that suits your wants and needs. When you purchase coffee, make sure to take a look at the packaging to see information about the coffee. Pick a freshly packed item and consume it within the expiry date to enjoy its full flavor.