Espresso Machine Power Protection

It is incredibly important to engage in power protection for all of your household appliances, including your espresso machine. Electrical interferences, known as surges and spikes, can negatively affect your espresso machine. You should use surge suppressors and surge arrestors to prevent the electrical components of your espresso machine from being adversely affected. This will allow your espresso machine to function as intended. Won’t it be a shame if your coffee-making machine stops delivering delicious coffee? Continue reading to learn how to use power protection to protect your espresso machine.

What Are Surges?

Surges are transient increases in voltages. They usually last a fraction of a second and occur when high-powered electrical motors are switched off. The brief voltage spike can affect sensitive electronic parts in an espresso machine, such as pressure stats, thermostat controls, heating elements, and brain units. If your espresso machine doesn’t have surge protection, it will suffer from irreversible damage.

How to Protect Against Surges?

Minor surges can occur in your home up to a dozen times a day. Large power surges might occur during a thunderstorm when lightning strikes a power line. A good quality surge suppressor will protect you from both types of surges. Surge suppressors are a type of electrical socket that will absorb part of the electrical surge and redirect the rest to the ground to dissipate it. It will protect your electrical devices from getting fried by surges by acting as a valve. Although similar to power strips, surge protectors cost more than power strips due to their specialized circuit and protective abilities.

It is important to invest in a surge protector to protect your espresso machine since surges can cause parts of your espresso machine to become defective before their lifespan is up. A surge protector will reduce the need for repairs and replacements. You can get a surge protector from a home improvement store or local hardware store. Choose one with a higher joule rating for better protection.

What Are spikes?

Spikes are sharp and sudden increases in voltage due to a sudden release of stored energy. They usually occur when there is a nearby lightning strike or when power is restored after an outage. Spikes can enter all electronic equipment and household appliances through phone, cable, or power lines. They will destroy and damage many electrical parts of your espresso machine.

How to Protect Against Spikes?

To protect your appliances against spikes, install surge arrestors on your circuit breaker. It will protect all hard-wired equipment that can’t be protected with plug-in surge protectors, such as your ceiling fan, light switches, heating system, and more. It works by redirecting powerful spikes of voltages to the insulation or to the ground to protect your electrical systems and devices while allowing a normal amount of voltage to pass through so your devices still work.

Arrestors generally cost between $50 to $200. A licensed electrician can professionally install surge arrestors in your home. You should contact an electrician as soon as possible to install these safeguards in your home to protect your home appliances, including your espresso machine.