SPECIAL COVID-19 MESSAGE - Updated 4/12/20

We feel it is important to update everyone to let you know our plans and how we are dealing with this unprecedented situation.  

Gaia Coffee is still open for business and roasting coffee.  We plan on staying open until the government shuts us down or there are simply no more orders to fulfill.  

Our team here is small and have been taking extreme precautions since the virus first arrived in the States a few weeks ago. All of our production team members are following strict hand washing protocols.  

All touch points and packaging surfaces are being sanitized multiple times a day, and often multiple times an hour.

Any employee that is not feeling 100% is staying home and taking paid sick leave.  

Our employees have normally worn face masks while packaging your coffee, but we are fully loaded up and staff are now wearing masks while they are on the clock.  

Barring any disruption in FEDEX, UPS and USPS shipping.  We will keep you all informed about any issues we encounter and will do our best to make sure you receive coffee and can continue to function.

Jura machines / Capresso items available!*



The world is pretty scary.  We are going to do our very best to make sure that everyone that relies on our product for their livelihood is taken care of.  We will all get through this together!!


Wishing you the very best,


Gaia Coffee roasters