Office Coffee Buying Guide

Having coffee readily available in the break room correlates with higher work productivity in the office. Coffee gives you the energy boost you need to get through morning meetings and post-lunch fatigue. Since coffee is so incredibly important to keep employees happy and productive, here’s a guide on buying coffee for the office.

Amount of Coffee Required

It takes approximately 20 grams of ground coffee beans to make a cup of coffee. If your employees drink two cups a day on average, multiply that by the number of staff to find the amount you’ll need daily. Don’t stock more than two weeks’ worth of coffee to prevent it from spoiling. Make sure to keep coffee in airtight containers to ensure maximum freshness. Single-cup brewers will be great if you want to provide more variety through different types of brews.


Consider getting a coffee grinder if you want to use coffee beans instead of single-cup brews for a greener option. Buying fresh coffee beans provides a denser and more aromatic coffee flavor. There’s an additional benefit of de-stressing — it can be satisfying to grind the coffee beans. Grind all your accumulated stress away!


You can purchase a pot brewer for your office. Sharing a large pot of coffee can create a sense of bonding as employees unwind together in the break room. Consider getting a second pot for a decaf option. Single-serve pot brewers also exist for making a single cup of coffee. However, this could cause traffic jams when multiple people require coffee at the same time. If you have a medium to large size office, invest in a commercial-grade machine so that your coffeemaker lasts longer. Homebrewers might not be able to withstand the high volume of coffee making. Make sure to also account for the number of paper filters needed based on the cups of coffee made each day.

Mugs, Spoons, Stirrers

You can buy stirrers and spoons in bulk since they can be kept for a long time. If you need paper cups, add a 10 percent margin error to the estimated number of cups your employees drink daily to make sure there are enough. For reusable cups, make sure to stock extra for guests and potential breakages.

Sweeteners, Syrups, and Creamers

Not all of your employees will drink their coffee black. Provide coffee creamers and syrups for them to customize their drinks. You might need to stock up on alternatives such as soy creamers and natural sweeteners for those who are more health-conscious. You can survey your employees to get a more accurate picture of the amount needed for each item.

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