What You Need To Know About Gourmet Coffee

Have you heard of the term “gourmet coffee”? Gourmet coffee is made with high-quality coffee beans and sustainable production methods. Continue reading to find out more about gourmet coffee and what makes it different.

What Is Gourmet Coffee?

There’s no fixed definition when it comes to gourmet coffee. However, when people use the term gourmet coffee, they usually mean one of two things: flavored coffee or carefully cultivated coffee.

Flavored coffee usually comes from Brazil’s large coffee farms. These types of beans are processed and carefully selected to produce a range of special flavors, making coffee taste and smell fruity or nutty.

Carefully cultivated coffee can refer to the third wave coffee experience where coffee products are purchased based on their production methods and production origin. Also known as specialty coffee, consumers are now focused on a greater variety of coffee products, including lighter roast profiles and specific flavor notes (eg. orange acidity and rose aromatics). These types of coffee beans are freshly roasted, well prepared, and perfectly brewed.

There’s also a group of people who use the term gourmet coffee to refer to coffee made with 100% Arabica beans instead of Robusta beans. This provides the brewed coffee with a rich flavor that’s smooth, aromatic, and has a full body.

What Makes Gourmet Coffee Different?

Gourmet coffee can be thought of in the same way as wine grapes. The taste differs depending on the region it originates from, the farm it’s from, and the season it’s been harvested in. Since coffee beans are also harvested from plants, they also enjoy this variety in tastes depending on where it’s been grown and how it’s been processed.

Third-wave coffee usually has a single origin, coming from small and specialized farms. These types of specialty coffees have light roasts to focus on the origin and flavor of the coffee and require coffee to be consumed as fresh as possible. This results in richer, more balanced flavors. These Arabica coffee farms are usually owned by small farmers who utilize sustainable methods, making it better for the environment compared to Robusta coffee beans.

The Gourmet Coffee Trend

Gourmet coffee is in high demand amongst young adults who don’t just drink more coffee, but also drink more high-quality coffee. They demand to have sustainable products and transparency when it comes to the origin and production processes of the coffee. They care about whether plantation workers are treated well and paid fairly, and whether the planting method of the coffee beans will result in deforestation. Gourmet coffee appeals to this well-educated market by offering desired information and meeting their standards. Coffee must not be high-quality only in taste, but in every aspect of its production process.

Gourmet Coffee at Gaia Coffee Roasters

Coffee flavors are continuously evolving for greater variety and styles. Gaia Coffee Roasters provides a wide variety of gourmet beans sourced from different regions of the world. Our beans are carefully roasted in small batches to ensure the highest quality. You can try our high-quality coffee by purchasing our Sample Brew Bags Box or our Gaia Espresso Collection. When it comes to coffee, tasting it for yourself can be more convincing than any words said!