Guatemala Q’anil - Single Origin

Single Serve

Coffee Brew Bags

No machine needed for a perfect cup of coffee - any time.

Perfect for travel

Kosher for Passover

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Available in:

 Pack of 10 


Save with a 3 Pack Box (30 bags)

Single Origin: Guatemala, Central America

Notes: Apricot, Brown Sugar, Orange

A Complex coffee without being obnoxious. A coffee for those in love with the dark side.

Same great taste you'd expect from traditional drip or pour-over coffee, but with the convenience of ease & portability. n

  • Just Add Hot Water (8-10 oz.)
  • No Brewing Machine Needed: Tea-bag style coffee offers single serve convenience without needing a brewing machine.
  • Portable: T-bag style coffee is the best way to enjoy your coffee ANYWHERE you go.
  • Guilt Free Packaging: Fully compostable filters.
  • Fresh as the Day Its Ground: We double nitrogen flush the packaging, keeping your coffee fresh up to 12 months.
  • Makes the perfect cold brew too!!

Gaia Cold Brew



Q’anil is a coffee grown and harvested by the members of the Rio Azul Cooperative located in Jacaltenango, deep in the Huehuetenango state of northern Guatemala.

Q’anil is the name of the mountain the coffee is grown on, and also a local legend that dates back to the time of the Mayans, from whom the Jakaltenans are direct descendants. The coffee is processed by our good friends at Los Volcanes coffee based in Antigua. They work with Rio Azul on wet-milling, and then finish off the coffee in their dry mill at Beneficio Esperanza before exporting. The result is a coffee with a mellow friendly acidity that is bursting with sweetness and a subtle complexity not often seen. This is a coffee that can shine anyway you brew it.

Process - Washed Varietal(s) - Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra

Altitude - 1700 to 2000 masl

Harvest - February 2020


Approach - How to roast a Guatemalan coffee. Step one, purchase a delicious coffee that has been grown in Guatemala. Step two, well to be honest this is a trade secret, but basically it involves just roasting the coffee nice and light to highlight the amazing complexity and cup quality found in Guatemalan coffees. 

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Brew Bags - Gautamala Q'anil

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