An economic alternative to the blade grinder, or if you want an easy way to grind on the go the Hario Skerton Plus hand grinder is the perfect entry-level burr grinder.

The Skerton Plus is a very versatile grinder with a full range of grind sizes. From espresso to french press, the Skerton Plus can be used for almost any brew method. The Skerton Plus’s bottom glass bowl is capable of holding up to 100 grams of grounds, accommodating even the largest of brews. Because the Skerton is constructed of plastic, stainless steel and ceramic it is dishwasher safe, making internal cleaning a breeze. Its large set of conical ceramic burrs grind beans quickly and maintain their edges longer than steel burrs. The Skerton Plus features a burr stabilizing plate which helps keep the center shaft in place, decreasing burr wobble and helping the Skerton Plus achieve a more uniform grind.

Up your grinding game and brew better coffee with Hario’s Skerton Plus burr grinder. 




  • Large ceramic burrs
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Burr stabilization
  • Constructed of steel, glass, plastic and silicone.
  • 100 gram grounds capacity
  • Full range of grind sizes from espresso to french press
  • Stepped grind adjustment

    Hario Skerton Plus hand grinder

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