Single Origin Coffee Calgary

Single Origin Coffee Calgary

Discover the Richness of Single Origin Coffee in Calgary

In recent years, coffee consumption has taken a splendid turn worldwide, with an increasing number of individuals being inclined towards single origin coffee. It's not just about a cup of joe anymore; it's about experiencing different textures, tastes and narratives that each origin has to offer. Today, let’s have a taste of Calgary’s local spin on this global coffee trend.

What is Single Origin Coffee?

Single Origin coffee comes from a specific region, farm or producer. Essentially every bag or cup comes with its own story, as its influences are inherently tied to the soil, climate, and cultivation practices of its origin country. This consequently results in a wide array of flavors and aromas that paint a vivid picture of its native locale.

Calgary's Single Origin Coffee Scene

Single origin coffee in Calgary has been an absolute revelation. Local coffee shops and roasters have made it their mission to introduce Calgarians to the unrefined beauty of single origin beans. These uncompromised flavours provide an ever-evolving experience for coffee enthusiasts, forcing them to rethink what they knew about their beloved beverage.

Some Cafes to Consider

There are several coffee shops and cafes that offer an exceptional collection of single origin coffees in Calgary. Here are a few noteworthy establishments:

Rosso Coffee Roasters

Rosso Coffee Roasters sources premium quality single origin coffees and directly engages with farmers around the world. Each cup tells a unique story of its place of origin.

Monogram Coffee

Monogram Coffee is an award-winning Calgary-based coffee roaster. They pride themselves in hunting for the most exquisite single origin coffees and showcasing them in their cafes.

Phil & Sebastian

Phil & Sebastian consistently explore, source, and deliver some of the highest quality single origin beans. They believe in fostering relationships with farmers and ensuring a fair deal for the labour involved in your brewing ritual.


Single origin coffee offers more than just a caffeine jolt; it provides a story, an experience and an opportunity for exploration. So, next time you're in Calgary, don't forget to dive into the world of single origin coffee and experience the magic for yourself.

Daily Grind Tip

If you want to extract the maximum potential from your single origin coffee, try to grind it just before brewing. The freshness of the grind can significantly influence the end taste.

Final Brew-thoughts!

"Remember, life is like a brew of coffee, it's all about how you make it. So, go on and espresso yourself with a cup of single origin coffee. It’s time to be brew-tiful!”

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