What do you get when Gaia Coffee Roasters partners with some of the top pit masters  and  chefs in the industry?

Answer? Meat, uh, 
meet Gaia Artisanal Coffee Rub for poultry, a new
level of premium coffee rub that’s going to become your
first choice for all your chicken dishes. Plus, it adds serious sass to sauces, sides, soups and even cocktails.

Everything needs salt...but our rub contains no salt. 

Salt levels can be very subjective  - so our artisanal coffee rub allows you to control the salt level on your particular bird.


4 oz. 

Ingredients Ground Roasted Coffee,  Coriander, Thyme, Sage, Black Pepper, Asian Mushroom Powder, Fennel Seed

No salt & No added sugar 

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Gaia Artisanal Coffee Rub for Poultry

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