What do you get when Gaia Coffee Roasters partners with some of the top pit masters  and  chefs in the industry?

Answer? Meat, uh,
meet Gaia Artisanal Coffee Rub, a new
level of premium coffee rub that’s going to become your
first choice for everything from second cut brisket to
prime, aged rib-eyes. Plus, it adds serious sass to sauces,
sides, soups and even cocktails.

Everything needs salt...but our rub contains no salt. 

Salt levels can be very subjective  - so our artisanal coffee rub allows you to control the salt level on your particular cut of meat.


4 oz.

Ingredients Ground Dark Roasted Coffee,  Smoked Black Pepper, Thyme, Chili Powder, Cloves, Coriander.

No salt & No added sugar


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Gaia Coffee Artisanal Coffee Rub

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