Introducing new Gaia Coffee

Blue Velvet

Single Serve

Coffee Brew Bags

No machine needed for a perfect cup of coffee - any time.

Perfect for travel

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Available in:

Pack of 10 (Coming early September)


Save with a 30 Pack Box 

Origin: South America & Indonesia

Notes: Brown sugar, Cocoa, Cinnamon

A Complex coffee without being obnoxious. A coffee for those in love with the dark side.

Same great taste you'd expect from traditional drip or pour-over coffee, but with the convenience of ease & portability. 

  • Just Add Hot Water
  • No Brewing Machine Needed: Tea-bag style coffee offers single serve convenience without needing a brewing machine.
  • Portable: T-bag style coffee is the best way to enjoy your coffee ANYWHERE you go.
  • Guilt Free Packaging: Fully compostable filters.
  • Fresh as the Day Its Ground: We double nitrogen flush the packaging, keeping your coffee fresh up to 12 months.
  • Makes the perfect cold brew too!!

 Gaia Cold Brew




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Brew Bags - Blue Velvet

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